Counter China Protest “Resist China Japan” Held on Oct 1st in Coalition with 35 Other Countries.


On October 1st, the day of the Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, SFT (Students for a Free Tibet, HQ in NY) organized a global protest action against China’s issues such as human rights oppression. It was held on the same day across the world – 88 places in 36 countries.

The website: Global Day of Action Resist China

In Japan, along with their plan, we organized an Executive Committee, and I served as its Secretary General.

The website: Resist China Japan Executive Committee

The schedule consisted of a gathering in the National Diet building (House of Representatives building 1) in the morning, followed by a protest action in front of the Chinese Embassy in the evening.

10 National Diet members, from both ruling and opposition parties, participated in the gathering. The national level participants included Yoshiaki Harada (member of the House of Representative, former Minister of Environment), Gen Nakatani (member of the House of Representative, former Minister of Defense), Yoshitaka Sakurada (member of the House of Representative, former Minister for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games), Hiroshi Yamada (member of the House of Councillors), Takashi Nagao (member of the House of Representative, Secretary General of the Tibet National Diet Caucus), Shigefumi Matsuzawa (member of the House of Councillors, former governor of Kanagawa prefecture) and more.  7 out of these 10 National Diet members stayed to be present at the event for the entire an hour and half. On behalf of other National Diet members who couldn’t make it, there were 10 secretaries that joined.
About 120 citizens participated also.

Not only TBS’s morning nation-wide news talk show, “Asa Chan”, reported on Resist China Japan, but also many other media outlets such as Yomiuri Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun did so. English media and Chinese media reported as well.

It was very significant that a wide range of solidarity across Tibet, East Turkestan (Uyghur), Southern Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese democrats, South Korea, and Cambodia came together, which simultaneously met with members from ruling and opposition parties of the National Diet in this event.

Live footage of the event on YouTube:
[国会より生中継] 国慶節 〜中国の弾圧に世界一斉抗議〜 各民族リーダー、与野党国会議員ら集う #ResistChina日本
[生放送/Live] 中国大使館前抗議 Protest at ChineseEmbassy #ResistChina

【Reports in English】
CENTRAL TIBETAN ADMINISTRATION Global Resist China Movement held in Japan
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【Reports by the Japanese media】
TBS あさチャン!
読売新聞 中国人権問題 関心を
産経新聞 日本も中国人権問題に非難を ウイグル人らが国会内で集会
新唐人電視台 全球圍剿中共 東京舉行中國人權問題會議
統一日報 中国共産党へ”NO” 世界同時行動
国体文化 中共の人権弾圧に抗議する国際的連帯行動 ― 東都でResist China 日本(10月1日)
THE FACT 中国政府の人権弾圧に苦しむ人々が日本の国会議員に「魂の叫び」【ザ・ファクト】
Viewpoint 中国の人権弾圧に諸民族は団結を、東京で国際会議
アゴラ 中国抗議の気運高まる?人権問題考える国際会議と議連総会が同日開催


October 1st, 2020