Formed the Indo-Pacific Liaison Council for Human Rights Issues


On Tuesday, March 30th, we formed the Indo-Pacific Liaison Council for Human Rights Issues, and I became the Executive Director – I’m the only one with a title in the council as all are treated equally.

PDF: Indo-Pacific Liaison Council for Human Rights Issues

[Council member groups]
Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East-Asia
Students for a Free Tibet Japan
Tibetan Community in Japan
Japan Uyghur Association
<Southern Mongolia>
Southern Mongolia Congress
World Mongolian Federation
<Hong Kong>
Stand with HK@JPN
Dawn of Hong Kong
The National Foundation Alliance of Hong Kong
<Chinese Democrats>
Federation for a democratic China
<Cross-nation state groups>
Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy
Free Indo-Pacific Alliance
<Organ harvesting issues>
Stop Medical Genocide Network

Executive Director Hidetoshi Ishii (Vice President of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance)

We form this liaison council in order to show our strong will with solidarity in Japan by having close contacts with each nation state that is the party of human rights issues by China.

[Establishment date]
March 30th, 2021

Listed below is the press release given to the Japanese media.

PDF: 2021.03.30 プレスリリース
中国における人権問題を非難する国会決議の 早期成立を求める「声明文」を発表
1、本日、中国における人権問題等を非難する国会決議に向けて与野党関係者 による協議が行われたとのニュースに接し、当事者であるチベット、ウイグ ル、南モンゴル、香港などの在日諸団体13団体が結集して、緊急に連絡協議会を設置しました。
2、当連絡協議会(インド太平洋人権問題連絡協議会 ※添付資料参照)には、 チベットのダライ・ラマ法王日本代表部や日本ウイグル協会、Stand with HK@JPN などをはじめ、日本国内の主要団体が全て結集しています。

PDF: 2021.03.30 声明文

March 30th, 2021