Statement of Protest against Hong Kong Government


Notice to Hong kong Government

Statement of Protest

On the night of August 1st, the former convenor of Hong Kong National Party, Chan Ho-tin (Andy Chan) was arrested.
I strongly protest against this malicious arrest, and demand the immediate release of him.

Hong Kong government has oppressed Chan Ho-tin who’s a leader of Hong Kong independence with various means since before.

In September, 2016, in order for the election of Legislative Council, even though Chan Hotin filled all the official procedure, the Hong Kong government rejected him from standing.

In September, 2018, Hong Kong government politically oppressed the party of Chan Ho-tin, Hong Kong National Party, for the first time in Hong Kong history under Societies Ordinance.

The malicious arrest of this time is an extension of the series of political oppression, and I must declare that it’s nothing but a preliminary arrest in fear of protesters’ voices against the Hong Kong government that are getting bigger day by day. 

I demand Hong Kong government to release Chan Ho-tin immediately.

August 2nd, 2019

Free Indo-Pacific Alliance
Vice President Hidetoshi Ishii