JAPAN Forward “Free Indo-Pacific Alliance gives voice to China’s oppressed minorities”


“JAPAN Forward” reported about us.

“FIPA — the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance — has begun giving persecuted minorities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) a chance to tell the world their stories in their own words, and to bring together free peoples to counter Chinese aggression.

Because of the tight control the PRC maintains over information, much of the reporting on minorities in China has been done by outsiders, often with little input from the minorities themselves. This makes FIPA’s advocacy all the more timely.

Inaugural Conference

In October of 2018, representatives from Tibet, Uyghur, Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Japan assembled in Tokyo at the National Diet building to mark the founding of the new initiative.

This new organization based in Japan is working to maintain freedom in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and beyond by bringing together people …”

Free Indo-Pacific Alliance gives voice to China’s oppressed minorities
[JAPAN Forward] 31th January, 2019

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31th January, 2019