I became a member of the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Preparatory Committee.


There exists today many democratic nations in and around the Indo-Pacific region, many of which strive for human rights and freedom. Yet still the region is plagued by human rights crises, with multiple ethnic and national minorities leading lives under oppression. In particular, expansionist endeavours by the People’s Republic of China in recent years has not only threatened the democracies in the region, but also caused untold misery to the Uyghurs, the Mongolians, and the Tibetans living within her borders. Religious practices are restricted, national languages are suppressed, and freedom in general for these ethnic minorities has been on an ever worsening decline. The situation for the Hong Kongers is no less depressing, with the One Country Two Systems promise effectively broken, the Pan-Democrats summarily oppressed, and the population effectively subject to systemic cleansing by means of forced immigration from China. As for Taiwan, her democratic rule by law is facing erosion from the hands of Chinese infiltrators, and the current peace across the Strait is quickly deteriorating with Chinese escalations in show of force.

The “Indo-Pacific” Strategy proposed by such countries as India, Japan, the US, and Australia recently is exactly an answer to the aforementioned expansionist and authoritarian tactics of China, hell-bent on imposing herself as a colonial power on her neighbours. The Strategy’s aim is simple: to keep peace in the Indo-Pacific region, and to preserve and protect the freedom that many nations in the region enjoy. We at the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance believe that cooperation at the governmental and military level is not enough to achieve this goal. To this end, we the representatives of the Uyghurs, the Southern Mongolians (Inner Mongolians), the Tibetans, the Hong Kongers, the Taiwanese, the Japanese, and the Indians have come together to establish an alliance between the nations and the peoples of the Indo-Pacific. With united will, the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Preparatory Committee is hereby established.

The Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Preparatory Committee shall be founded with civilian representatives from the Uyghurs, the Southern Mongolians (Inner Mongolians), the Tibetans, the Hong Kongers, the Taiwanese, the Japanese, and the Indians. In the future, representatives of other Indo-Pacific countries and nations, such as the Americans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and the Burmese will also be invited to join. Our mission is as follows:

To seek, preserve, and protect the freedom, human rights, and democracy of the Indo-Pacific nations via civilian initiative, lobbying, and any effective tactics. To those countries who house minority national and ethnic groups, the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance demands the appropriate respect for the minority group(s)’ religion, beliefs, national language, and freedom to protect and develop their national culture.

The Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Preparatory Committee shall commence the relevant lobbying and human rights activism henceforth, and call the Founding Meeting as the situation befits the time.


Members of the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Preparatory Committee:
Shobshuud Temtselt(席海明) (Chairman of the Southern Mongolia Congress)
Olhunuud Daichin (Secretary general of the Southern Mongolia Congress)
Lobsang Dakpa Azatsang (Member of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile)
Tenzin Tsundue (Tibetan writer, poet and activist)
Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar (President of Guchusum Movement Association of Tibet (Former Political Prisoners Association))
Ümit Hamit (Representative of Rabiye Qadir(熱比婭) in Europe and Taiwan, Uighur)
Tseng Chien-Yuan(曾建元) (Taiwanese Director of the New School for Democracy)
Colin Gonsalves (Co-founder of Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), India)
Vijay Krantif (Chairman of Centre of Himalayan Asia Studies & Engagement” (CHASE), India)
Hidetoshi Ishii(石井英俊) (President of Dream.Great Asia(夢.大亞洲), Japan )
Takayuki Kojima(小島孝之)(Director of Euro-America Asia Language Center of Japan, Japan)
Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hạnh (Founder of VietNam-Tibet Alliance Fighting for Freedom)

席海明(Temtselt Shobshuud)(南蒙古大呼拉爾主席)
代欽(Daichin Olhunuud)(南蒙古大呼拉爾秘書長)
洛桑扎巴(Lobsang Dakpa Azatsang)(西藏流亡議會議員)
丹增宗智(Tenzin Tsundue)(西藏作家、詩人和社會運動者)
朗杰卓嘎(Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar)(西藏前政治犯「九.十.三運動」會長)
Ümit Hamit(維吾爾最高領導人熱比婭在歐洲和台灣的特別代表)
Colin Gonsalves(印度人權法律網(Human Rights Law Network)共同創辦人)
Vijay Krantif(喜瑪萊雅亞洲研究暨參與中心(Centre of Himalayan Asia Studies & Engagement)主任)
小島孝之 (日本歐美亞洲語言中心(Euro-America Asia Language Center of Japan)主任)
Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hạnh(越南西藏爭取自由聯盟(VietNam-Tibet Alliance Fighting for Freedom)創辦人)