Andy Chan Ho-tin officially nominated as a candidate for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize


Andy Chan Ho-tin, a leader of Hong Kong independence movement, officially nominated as a candidate for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize


We’d like to hereby announce that the Norwegian Nobel Committee has notified us that they have officially received the nomination of Andy Chan Ho-Tin for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. 



  • Introduction
  • Recommendation Letter by the nominator, Dr. Jason Morgan
  • Message from Andy Chan Ho-Tin in response to the nomination notification



Hidetoshi Ishii and Andy Chan Ho-Tin are sworn brothers. While Andy, Hidetoshi and Yoko established and maintained a deeply trusted friendship, 3 of us have always stood up together against the malicious oppression by the Chinese Communist regime. Since Andy is now officially nominated, we are delighted by the news from the bottom of our heart.
Andy is the man who’s most politically oppressed by the Hong Kong government. Yet he keeps advocating freedom and respect fearlessly.

The most important thing is that this is not just the nomination of Andy individually, but it’s for all Hong Kong people. When two of us notified Andy about the nomination, he responded with the same view with a surprise. 

This nomination must proceed to the win of the prize for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. We must not give in to the Chinese government’s disturbance. We strongly yearn that the Nobel Peace Prize will be given to the person who deserves it the most, considering those who are fighting against authoritarianism and all those that are fighting for freedom. 

Today, right now, Andy Chan Ho-Tin is the man who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize the most.


 【Recommendation letter sent for the Nobel Peace Prize】

Andy Chan Ho-Tin, 29, was born and raised in Hong Kong. When the Umbrella Revolution, which championed freedom and democracy for Hong Kong, began in 2014, he joined the movement as a participant. In March, 2016, Andy Chan Ho-Tin founded the Hong Kong National Party, which was the first political party in Hong Kong history to advocate for independence from China. Identifying as a Hong Konger, he yearned for his motherland to be a country of freedom and democracy instead of authoritarianism. Andy Chan Ho-Tin’s ideas caught fire in the hearts of other young Hong Kongers—today, approximately 80% of young people in Hong Kong recognize themselves as Hong Kongers, not Chinese.

While highly regarded by members of his generation, however, Andy Chan Ho-Tin faced severe oppression by those in power in Hong Kong. In September, 2016, Andy Chan Ho-Tin was barred from standing for the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council election, the first such disqualification ever in Hong Kong. In September, 2018, the Hong Kong government issued an order to ban the political activities of his party, the Hong Kong National Party. Andy Chan Ho-Tin’s Hong Kong National Party thus became the first political party to be outlawed in Hong Kong since the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China. The ban held despite criticism of this suppression of free political advocacy from around the world. To this day, no other political party has ever been banned except for Andy Chan Ho-Tin’s.

Andy Chan Ho-Tin’s fight continues, but he is joined by countless others who also desire freedom and peace. Since June of 2019, young people in Hong Kong have been embroiled in an existential struggle for basic civil rights, such as the right to a fair trial, the right to a jury trial, and the right to assemble and exchange ideas. The Hong Kong police force and other mainland security forces have responded to Hong Kongers pleas for peace and democracy with violence, intimidation, and mass arrests. Unbowed, Andy Chan Ho-Tin and his fellow activists fight on, seeking to achieve in Hong Kong what was denied with tanks and machine guns at Tiananmen Square some three decades before.

The world stands with Andy Chan Ho-Tin and his brave companions. I nominate wholeheartedly Andy Chan Ho-Tin for the Nobel Peace Prize as a vote of support by the entire world for freedom, democracy, and peace.

Jason Michael Morgan, PhD History, University of Wisconsin (2016)
Associate Professor, Reitaku University, Japan


Message from Andy Chan Ho-tin

Thank you for the nomination. I was surprised. I am glad that foreign friends and allies recognise China is a serious threat to the free world and choose to stand with Hong Kong.

This nomination is important to Hong Kong people that our foreign friends recognise our values, culture, identity and support our sovereignty. We Hong Kong people should be open minded to our future and start planning our future.

I don’t deserve this nomination alone but all the people who have been advocating independence of Hong Kong and who have sacrificed for the course, especially those young people who are fighting fearlessly at the frontline for their nation.

February 5th, 2020



About Andy Chan Ho-tin

Andy Chan Ho-Tin is the most oppressed person in Hong Kong by its government. Chan, a young leader for peace, is a symbol of Hong Kongers fighting for freedom and democracy. His is the hopeful, patient work of bringing peace out of discord.

  1. 1990: Born in Hong Kong. Currently 29 years old. A graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Based in Hong Kong.
  2. 2014: Joined the Umbrella Movement (Umbrella Revolution) as a participant.
  3. 2016: Founded the ‘Hong Kong National Party’ which became the first political party to advocate Hong Kong independence. Convenor.
  4. 2016: Became the first person to be barred from standing for the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) election held in September. 
  5. 2018: In September, Chan’s party became the first party in Hong Kong history to be banned under the colonial-era Societies Ordinance. His party was dissolved. To this day, no other political party has ever been banned except for his.
  6. 2019: In early August, maliciously arrested for possession of explosives and offensive weapons, but was released due to no evidence found. 
  7. 2019: In later August, arrested again by the Hong Kong police. Currently, released on bail.
  8. 2019: In September, assaulted in an ambush while arriving at the court. 
  9. 2020: In January, nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, and was officially accepted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. 

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Hidetoshi Ishii
Vice President of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance

Yoko Ishii, aka Random Yoko


February 6th, 2020